I.D. Secure IT Support

Iron Dome can manage all aspects of your business IT with a laser-like focus on security.

Outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure to Iron Dome means having a holistic strategy that incorporates better security, faster support, more reliable and stable IT that is all backed by industry leading response and first call resolution times.

Most managed services firms provide proactive security monitoring of businesses’ IT operations quite capably, but very few employ the precision processes that we do. We’re an MSSP -- a Managed Security Service Provider -- and our focus isn’t merely on making sure your technology works. It’s on alleviating security issues entirely, so you never experience downtime.

Iron Dome’s I.D. Secure Managed IT provides business owners with peace of mind in knowing that every aspect of their office technology is shielded from the potentially devastating effects of targeted malware like viruses and ransomware, and from the internal risks that harm businesses like employee data theft, technical skill weaknesses, and deficient resources.

Here’s what you get with I.D. Secure Managed IT:

  • Real-time monitoring of events on your network and systems
  • Customised onsite consulting services on an on-demand basis
  • Robust, routine penetration testing and vulnerability assessments
  • Coordinated analysis of, and response to, malicious hack attempts
  • Compliance management and company-wide security best practices

Is your cyber security apparatus up-to-date?

Let Iron Dome have a look to ensure you’re keeping pace with today’s threats to your network and systems.

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