I.D. Domain Monitoring

Continually monitoring the Dark Web and internet for use of your email addresses and passwords.

Keeping your employees’ and customers’ online presence safe and secure is a vital aspect of running a reputable business.

When their login details are found on the Dark Web, though, this means that potentially they’ve been exploited and the data made available for use by others. If this were to occur, not only are your stakeholders under threat, so too is your business and its reputation.

Iron Dome’s I.D. Domain Monitoring eliminates such threats. Through our real-time monitoring of your company’s domain names, we’re able to immediately detect when your details or your team’s details have been compromised. Ask for advanced domain security from our team today.

Here’s what you get with I.D. Domain Monitoring:

  • Real-time threat monitoring for any email address attributed to your domain
  • Blocking illegal access when shared passwords are used
  • Instant notification of unusual activity and potential issues
  • Support and delivery on your business’s security policies
  • Company-wide best practices and intrusion awareness

Is your cyber security apparatus up-to-date?

Let Iron Dome have a look to ensure you’re keeping pace with today’s threats to your network and systems.

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