Warning to 1 in 3 businesses about Microsoft software time bomb

In 2020, some of the most commonly used business software is coming to the end of its life. 
That means it will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Traditionally this includes voice and electronic technical support, software upgrades and support for new and known defects (service packs and updates).  So if there are any problems with it, they won’t be fixed.

Half of local businesses suffer drop in traffic as Google punishes website security  

Iron Dome urges local companies to check their website status
Iron Dome, delivering industry-leading protection from ransomware and viruses to SME's, is urging local businesses to check their website status after internet giant Google made a major change to its Chrome browser on July 24th 2018.

Up to half of all businesses in Surrey are likely to have seen a big drop in website traffic, after Google started labelling their websites as ‘not secure’.

“The internet giant made a major change to its Chrome browser on July 24th 2018,” commented local IT expert Wayne Stanley, CEO at Iron Dome.

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